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ESDDI UV Filter for Camera Lens(58mm/67mm/77mm)


COLOR: Black

SIZES: 58mm/67mm/77mm

Material: Brass


  1. Glass lens made of optics glass, SCHOTT B270, achieves a better result of the shooting.
  2. The high-grade copper frame is compact and durable with a textured feel. It will impress you with a better photography experience.
  3. Using the technology of coating of 22 layers, the light transmittance is increased.-- Multiple protection: this UV filter protects your lens from water, oil, and scratches, indoors and outdoors.
  4. This UV filter is compatible with 58mm/67mm/77mm lenses from all kinds of popular cameras; especially good for outdoor shooting
  5. A necessary gadget for professional photographers.

How to store your UV filter?

  1. Put it in the plastic hard-sided container. Suit to a photographer who works outdoors

     2. Put it in a lens filter case. Suitable for short term care.

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